With a variety of objects of investment both locally and internationally and the renaissance witnessed, by the economy of KSA, we provide for the business and investment sector a comprehensive list of services based on the following:


  • Establishing local and international companies within related government bodies and amending agreements accordingly.
  • Establishing financial firms.
  • Registering of agencies and brand names, as well as preparing the related agreements.
  • Help foreign investment in its operations, assets, and property with Saudi law regulates foreign investment in many ways.
  • Obtaining licenses from the specialized bodies.
  • Preparation of studies, that cover knowledge gaps related to negotiation.
  • Negotiation management and closing of business deals.
  • Managing special deals and the governance of partnerships.
  • Managing merger operations and mentoring.
  • Conclusion of consensual liquidation and asset liquidation.
  • Preparation of contracts and agreements, as well as internal regulations for establishments.

We support business entrepreneurs and incubators, with special consideration placed on providing them with a package of services that fulfill their legal requirements.